Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Little Lessons

I've recently taken interest in the hobby known as Metal Detecting. Although I have yet to find more than some corroded pocket change and tons bottles caps, this hobby serves other very important purposes besides the obvious. 

Metal detectorists contribute to beach preservation and maintenance, or at least I have. It is nice to be doing something that I enjoy while simultaneously doing something that will benefit my fellow beach goers. I have collected enough trash from the beach to make a sizable garbage shrine!

I have also noticed that most valuables are often concealed in growths of coral and sand. Simply, things are not always what they appear. As cliche as this fact may be, it is often over looked in everyday life. If we just took the time to slow down and analyze our surroundings more closely, wealth in all forms can be discovered without a metal detector!

This brings me to my next observation! Southeast Florida has amazing sunsets. Yes, I know the sun does not set on the East Coast but those skies are just as breathtaking.

Lastly, I realize that I am better at finding homes than I am at finding gold!

I will leave you with some photos taken during my latest metal detecting trip.


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